Wolverine – Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman filming wolverine on Blacksmiths Beach

Had a day off work today so decided to go down to Blacksmith’s Beach to check out the filming of Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. I mainly wanted to go down to check out the movie pyrotechnic special effects, and my wife wanted to perve on Hugh. I got to see my pyro but we were too far away to see Hugh. I only took my Olympus 1030 SW point and shoot camera after I heard about the dramas other photographers were having with their long lenses and managed to get this photo, but as you can see we were so far away you cant make much out.

The crew has been on the Wolverine set for two days now, with locals getting really excited about the action. Apparently Hugh Jackman made a special appearance for fans yesterday signing autographs and taking photos.

The setup is quite impressive with the whole of the Blacksmiths Surf life saving club carpark taken over by trucks and camper trailers. The beach appears to have been setup like a world war II beach landing scene, I think it was the Normandy beach landing. After waiting for an hour we managed to see a live run of the soldiers taking the beach with bombs going off everywhere including in the water and gunfire fights as well.

I cant wait until Wolverine comes out in cinemas. I am keen to see how what we saw translates onto the big screen. Rumours say it should be out next year some time.


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