Pasha Bulker Aground On Nobbys Beach

I got up early this morning and went into Newcastle to photograph the 40,000 tonne Pasha Bulker. That thing is huge when you have things around it to give you some perspective. Its very surreal to see our pristine Nobby’s Beach with a massive ship parked in the middle of it. Maybe they need a sign to warn off foreign vessels from trying to surf on our beaches with ocean liners, something like the one they use to warn people below. Wonder what parking fees the council will charge for parking right in the middle of the surf?


The irony of this just made it a shot not to be passed up. Maybe the ships captain needs a few reading lessons.

Heres a few more photos:

Pasha Bulker dawn

Pasha Bulker

Pasha Bulker

Token Shot
Had to get the obligatory shot through the arches.

Just a few days ago all you could see off the coast was coal ships waiting to load. This is one way to clear them. Just add big surf and a mini cyclone to boot. Voila, not one ship in sight. All of a sudden newcastle doesnt have a lineup of ships waiting to load coal. That should make the port look good.

To the idiot securityguy who was yelling at everyone around dawn to keep away from the lower road, get a life!! If there is a police exclusion zone then buy a $2 permanent marker and a piece of cardboard to warn everyone. It will make your job a whole lot easier! I’m sure that people are quite happy to stay out of the way if they know. Yelling at everyone just makes people agro back at you. Yes its your job but dont let the power get to your head.

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