Viagra Falls Live

Been going through some old photos I have had lying around on the hard drive and came across a live shoot I did for the guys in Viagra Falls. If you want to see a great covers band go and check them out. Great muso’s with a wide variety of songs, they are something different […]

Dust Storm Photos

Woke up this morning to what I thought was a brilliant sunrise creating an orange glow around the curtains, but when I opened them I found it was a massive DUST STORM!! It was really bizzare to look at, as the wind is really cold but the only time I have ever seen the sky […]

Long Time No Post

After being on an extended break from photography I have managed not to post any articles on here for nearly 6 months now, I havent even picked up my camera. Its been killing me. My reasons?? Well procrastination is a big one!!! But in all honesty, my new job has been flat out and spare […]

Floodwaters Around Maitland

As I write this article all flood warnings for Maitland and the Hunter Valley have been cancelled. Yesterday it was a different story though with the Hunter, Paterson and Williams Rivers all rising fast thanks to the massive drenching we got this week. Our thoughts go out to all the victims caught up in the […]