Photo Through the Glass

Patterned colours

Shot through glass and add some movement created this bizarre rendition of the sky

Wharf Steps

Steps to the water

Bored one day waiting for something to happen I started playing with photographing the steps on the wharf. These do lead to the water, but added nothing to the image so I went for a tight crop and working with the textures.

Storm Clouds

White and blue storm clouds

Going to start posting photos that have been sitting in my collection for ages that I havent got around the sharing. Here is some storm clouds brewing off Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Best Aussie Online – Free Australian Directory


For a couple of years now I have had a side project called Best Aussie Online that I envisioned as being an Australian Directory of the best Aussie websites. Being a patriotic and proud Aussie I really believe that our great country has alot to offer the world, not only online but in the real […]