Olympus 1030 SW Review

Olympus U 1030SW 10.1MP digital cameraMade it out shopping today and bought my self an Olympus u 1030 SW digital camera. Our old point and shoot happy snap camera finally died after mountains of abuse so I thought I had better upgrade. It was a tough decision but I decided on the Olympus because of its sheer toughness. No other camera could match its performance in such a diverse range of conditions. I have been missing a compact camera to take in my pocket as it can be a pain in the ass to carry my SLR’s with me every where, especially if all you want is a few happy snaps. Although it was a bit more expensive than cameras with with similar features, the waterproofing and drop resistance are worth the outlay if you have kids, work in wet or dusty environments, enjoy snorkeling or diving or even just go to the beach or pool on a regular occasion. I am pretty happy to know that if I abuse this little camera it will keep on working, and that just suits me fine.

The Olympus 1030 SW (SW is for shock and waterproof) is Drop resistant to 2 m, waterproof (not water resistant) to 10m, crushproof to 100kg and freezeproof to -10 degrees. To me that also sounds like its pretty kid proof too. I have a 2 yr old who is obsessed with any kind of gadget that has buttons, lights and makes noises, so once she finds out this takes pictures too those specs are gunna get a thorough testing. Built solidly, I think anything short of a nuclear bomb wont really worry this camera too much.

As a camera the 1030SW has some pretty impressive tech specs as well. It has a 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor, 2.7″ TFT ‘Hypercrystal II’ LCD display, 3.6x optical zoom, (5x digital zoom too but I wouldnt bother with it) 29 shooting modes, image stabilisation, face detection, shadow adjustment and a whole swag of other goodies. There is also a Manometer to tell you how high up or deep in the water you are,

When you open the box the first thing you notice is how solidy this camera is built. With the outer casing made of metal with full rubber seals around all the joins and everything screwed not glued together, it even feels tough. Button actions have a responsive feel and everything is easy to access, even with my big fingers.

I have only taken a few pictures so far, mainly of my feet and computer desk and walls and stuff around me so nothing worth posting yet. As I put it through its paces over the next week or so I will post some for you to see. The screen is crystal clear and appears reasonably accurate and optical zoom is good. There is a mountain of shooting modes including portrait, night time, inside, underwater, macro etc etc and I think I would actually use alot of them. When I am not using my SLR’s I like to be able to have some control over images I take, but I dont want to have to think about settings. The scene modes appear to cover this reasonably well.

Stay tuned as I will have more for you soon.

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  1. Ooooh nice.. You’ll have to let me know how it goes.

    Question – what’s with the 2nd paragraph going all centre aligned?

    Oh, and you’ll pay for the Kyle Sanderland comment..mwahahahaha.. You’ll pay indeed!

  2. Its working out really well. Taking some great photos. Stay tuned as I will have a full review coming up next week some time, after I trial it in the freezing cold for the opening of the 2008 Ski Season in Thredbo….Woot!

    @2nd paragraph?? I’d most probably say I screwed up, but I will leave it as it is and say it was done on purpose for effect.

  3. rosalie felix says:

    yeh!this is great you must have this amazing gadget guys,,,,tnx olympus for making this for us!!!!!keep up the good work

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