Merewether Ocean Baths

Merewether Ocean Baths Diving Blocks


Had the day off work today so I got up early this morning for a quick pre dawn shoot. I had planned on going to Nobby’s Beach but Merewether Ocean Baths just looked too good to go past on the way there. This photo is nothing special but I really like the mood of it. It was an interesting shoot watching the baths come to life as the sun came closer to rising. While I was in my own little world taking photo’s I turned around and people were everywhere, out for their morning swim. Its amazing how busy Merewether beach is that early in the morning. People are very dedicated to their fitness at that hour!


Usually of a weekend I dont bother to get up early as I get up at 5am to start work at 6 every day of the week. I love my weekend sleepins. But I think I might allocate Sunday mornings as my sunrise shoot day. I feel a weekly post coming on…. Sunday Sunrise Shoots. That should keep me motivated especially if people are banging on my door asking to see photos from the day. Hmmm Next weekend I will be in Muswellbrook, anyone know any good photo locations up in The Hunter Valley?


Stay tuned…I have more photos from this morning to come.




  1. I love this pic! The colouring is perfect. Really has a lot of hidden meaning.


    David Webb (Photographer)

  2. Wow… That is a totally amazing photo. It looks so surreal.

  3. tim this picture is absolute beauty. So dark and peaceful. it’s wonderfully shot.

  4. Swum here many a time… love your header… my hometown of Toronto is there…

  5. A real breathtaking photo you have there. A real deep one. Simple, conceptual, and dramatic. Great angle too.

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