Long Time No Post

Light Reflections on the water

Light Reflections on the water

After being on an extended break from photography I have managed not to post any articles on here for nearly 6 months now, I havent even picked up my camera. Its been killing me.

My reasons?? Well procrastination is a big one!!! But in all honesty, my new job has been flat out and spare time has been nearly non existent so unfortunately the blog has been neglected a bit. I am going to make a big effort over the next few months to get out and shoot regularly, because here in Maitland there are so many great photo opportunities, and I would love to share this great area with you

Going through my hard drive and clearing a bit of space I came across a heap of photos that I havent posted yet so in the mean time I am going to make a big effort to try  and post some of them and do more on a regular basis to get this blog up and happening again.

You may notice that I have increased my watermark size and placed it more prominently in the photo. Apologies, but due to people stealing my photos without credit or payment I have had to make a more distracting watermark to try and slow these pests down. All my photos are still available for sale as prints or for electronic media, without watermark of course!

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