Live Earth 07.07.07

Live Earth has been and gone with Sydney kicking off the worldwide rollercoaster of continuous global music to celebrate our whole new ‘carbon neutral’ commitment to concerts (I know there’s more to it than that!). I think in Sydney they might have miscalculated a little bit when the generator died mid set for the main act, Crowded House. Thats live music for you!!

By all accounts it appears as though the whole worldwide concert concept was a success with over 2 billion people being exposed to, and increasing their awareness of, global warming. Hopefully now people will change their lives in their won ways to help reduce our emissions. Talk about leverage. Unfortunately I didnt get to see or photograph the concert but for those of you who are hanging to see some photos go and check out these guys.

Dan Boud’s Flickr Stream – Dan is a legendary photographer with some brilliant work from the Live Earth Concert. You can go check out his Blog from my blogroll.

Matt Booys Flickr Stream – Matt Booy is JJJ’s inhouse photographer. Likewise he got some great shots from the Live Earth Concert. Check out his blog from my blogroll.

I hope that satisfies your hunger for live concert photos. I know I cant wait to see what else comes from across the globe.

In my opinion I think that this concert will help as a catalyst to really get people thinking about making changes to the small things in life that can make a difference. Simple things such as changing to low wattage light globes ( which really makes bugger all difference in terms of household power consumption, but does make some contribution), walking to the shops instead of driving, installing water efficient shower heads, holding in farts to reduce methane pollution, and turning off appliances that arent being used, will contribute to reduce our emissions.

These actions alone aren’t going to reverse the damage that humans have made over the past few centuries, nor do I think that the current materialistic energy hungry generation is going to change overnight, then again the internet was only for nerds when it was first invented. Five years ago, hippys were the only ones concerned about our effect on the planets, maybe this singular global event, that brought together the whole planet for a common cause is a sign that the masses ARE able to think as one. There’s hope for us yet!

My contribution to this cause has been keeping this post small. The short amount of time that it has taken to read it has helped to reduce your computers energy consumption by roughly 5 minutes which in turn equates to saving a small amount of co2 being released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately though I had baked beans for lunch and farted about 5 times while writing it which completely neutralises any saving whatsoever. Sorry!!

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  1. Hahahaha.. Awesome post.. I’ll keep this comment short, you know, to help the environment out a little..

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