Ipod Ipond – Cruel or What?

Ipod IpondA gimmick Ipod accessory called the Ipond has been released much to the dismay of fish lovers and animal activists. The Ipond is a tiny 650ml fish tank with a small speaker built in that you can plug your Ipod into. Unfortunately it is a bit of a hit with shoppers this year with Iponds including a Siamese Fighting Fish, being sold out. As you can understand the RSPCA has spoken out against the toy recommending that the minimum sized tank for these fish is 10 litres.

What is the world coming to? Would you clean out your 600ml Coke bottle and keep a fish in that? I doubt it.

If you want to read the full story go to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Site

If you are against the keeping of fish in a tank the size of your Ipod the go along to the Care2 Petitions Site and sign the petition

When I first read the headline I thought it was a new plugin that you could put on the screen of a video capable Ipod, but then I found out it was for real fish. Thats just cruel.

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