How to Photograph Christmas Lights

As promised I was going to write up a tutorial about how to photograph christmas lights. Unfortunately time is running out and I just couldnt put it together how I wanted so in the interests of great photography I looked over at Strobist and found they had already done a How To Photograph Christmas Lights Tutorial

Strobist is great for any kind of photography tutorials in most tricky light situations. Its well worth looking around at all the different assignments and courses they run over there. I highly recommend the Lighting 101 and 102 courses. They have helped improved my off camera flash photography many times over. I believe the photography community owes alot to Strobist for helping to lift the standard of photos everywhere!

The How To Photograph Christmas Lights post provides some great tips about getting the best from your adventures around the magical lighting wonderland at this time of year. I would just like to emphasize the part about your foregrounds. Strong foregrounds make a strong photograph. If you are taking your kids then make sure they get in a few as well, the looks on kids faces are the best at light displays. Something so simple brings such a lot of joy to the little people.


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  1. Lucky for us Graceland’s is gone.. I used to hate living near that place, we’d get power outages every Xmas because of the extra load on the circuit, finally they upgraded the circuit and well then the lights were sold 2 years later…

    Anyway, you should set your blog so that people with previously approved comments dont have to go through the moderation process.. A tip from me to you..

    Meanwhile, when are we going shooting again?

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