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Its been a tough 3 days! Monday night I got home from work and sat down to check emails and get to work on some great ideas for blog posts. I pressed the button to turn the computer on………nothing………….hmmmm. Uh Oh. Thats not good I thought. So I checked the power was on, then started swapping leads and in complete denial that there was a problem, I tried another power socket. Still nothing. My mind raced with what the problem was so as a last resort I took the cover off to check fuses and the like. No fuses in sight so in desperation I rang a mate who built the computer and started running scenarios past him to find the problem. I decided to pull the power supply apart and find that darn fuse that I was sure had blown. But to my absolute horror the multimeter said it was fine. (I must point out that unless you know what you are doing DO NOT pull apart your computer, let alone the power supply or else it might kill you nasty things might happen!!)

computer power supply photoThe final decision was made to take it over and put it on the bench. So A few days later it was confirmed that the power supply, for absolutely no reason, had died. I guess in the grand scheme of things that it was the best possible thing that could have died as it cost me the least to fix. $55 later, 3 days down time and I’m back. I must pay my absolute highest regard and eternal thanks to my mate Mick who fixed my computer for me in record time while still running his own business. With out him I might have just crawled up into the foetal position and lived in the corner chanting random dribble about all the photos needing finalising, and blogs to be written and feeds to be read…… u get the idea…….. for a few days while I got over my loss. Well, it wasnt that bad but damn I missed the metal box that lives in the corner of my desk.

For those of you who only have a single computer and no backup would surely understand my problem. I have a backup camera, but never considered getting a backup computer. My theory has always been:

  1. Computers dont break – People break them.
  2. The blue screen of death is just a chance to find out more about how your computer works ( I have only ever seen it once waaaay back in the days of Win95)
  3. I only backup to ensure that I have an original in case I stuff up.
  4. Computers have feelings – Get cranky at them and they get cranky in the worst possible way as revenge.

Now for those of you who work in IT service departments may be cringing and thinking this is a bit naieve but these theories have served me well over the years, and I dont plan on changing. In the fifteen years I have calmly been playing with computers I have never had any major problems…. Touch wood!

But 3 days without a computer has made me come to a major turning point in my life, days of soul searching and spare time on my hands has made me realise…. I need to buy a laptop!!!!! I have survived without one till now but just in case this happens again I had better get out there and get one. The prospect of days away from the keyboard sends chills down my spine. Hint Hint Santa!

Seriously though, I have realised that I think Im a bit attached to the computer. I dont know if there is such a group as Computers Anonymous but it might be a good idea for us all to wean ourselves off the metal boxes that make the world go round. I have made it my new years resolution to learn how to become more efficient at photo editing (read refine my workflow!!), manage my time on the computer alot better and for one day a week not even press the on button. There is life away from computers, my blog will run itself while I maybe watch telly or do something ‘normal’ and I need to spend more time with my family. Never fear though I will still post on a regular basis and hopefully the posts will be more meaningful than just dribble.

Life is good! I’m back out in the big wide world again, World Wide Web that is 🙂



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  1. Hey, gr8 yarn! Flows very easy, u r good at this blogging thing………………………………! Think Santa might bring me a laptop too???

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