Gunnedah And Narrabri

Sunset in Gunnedah

I have been travelling out west last week for work around the Gunnedah and Narrabri area. I am impressed. For the whole week I got to see the sunrise and sunset while travelling to and from the job. I had grand plans of getting time to shoot a few sunsets but unfortunately time didn’t permit. Compared to here on the coast where I live, the colours out west are amazing, they last longer and light the landscape in ways I havent seen for a long time. The beginning and end of the day is greeted with the most intense pinks, purples, blues , yellows and oranges. It was hard as a photographer with camera at the ready to not be able to stop and take a few shots to share with you.

Baan Baa Grain Terminal

Most of these photos, except for the bus ones, were taken from a moving vehicle as there was no time to stop. I was surprised that they came out so good. I might have to work on my technique for future trips where I cannot stop again.

Baan Baa Cricket Club Grandstand

In between Gunnedah and Narrabri is a sleepy little town, population 70, called Baan Baa. Perched along the Kamillaroi highway, its main purpose is serving as a grain rail terminal for the local farmers to disribute their commodities out to the world. The first thing I noticed as I was driving through was a green bus off the side of the road that at first look appears abandoned and forgotten. It was quickly pointed out to me by my passenger that in fact it was the local cricket club grand stand. Thats Aussie ingenuity for you. Most people would leave it to rot in a paddock but the locals at Baan Baa have made it into a talking piece that for me put it on the map. If it wasnt for the bus I would have most probably not noticed the few houses on the side of the road.

Baan Baa Cricket Club Grandstand

Ginns Leap

Further down the road stands the majestic Gin’s Leap which legend has it that an aboriginal girl threw herself from the rock while being chased by a wild aboriginal tribe. Originally known to early settlers just as the rock it took its name once the legend became more widespread. If you are travelling the Kamillaroi highway you will not miss it as it is a massive piece of stone and has a very ominous presence early in the morning with the light of dawn warming its face.

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  1. Cool bus!

  2. As a girl from Tamworth originally this made me smile. Great photography!!!

  3. You got some great shots. I really like the first two!

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