Groovin The Mud

Groovin The Mud

Groovin The MudIn the week leading up to Groovin The Moo 2008, Maitland had 260mm of rainfall and literally no sun at all. While setting up crews were working in rivers of water flowing all over the site. Paterson and other low lying areas of Maitland had already flooded in by Friday and if the rain didnt stop then Maitland could have possibly been flooded too! Things were looking pretty bleak to expect sunshine on Saturday. That sounds pretty dramatic, but I was watching the Groovin The Moo website all Friday and they said they would go ahead, rain, hail or shine.

Groovin The MudI think all the punters who had bought tickets must have read the same post, because they all went out on Friday and bought every last pair of gumboots you could find between Maitland and Newcastle. Someone within the Groovin The Moo ranks though has done some really good deeds lately and must have had some really good karma stored up, enough for the sunshine gods to smile and turn it on so the show could go ahead. With 12,000 people converging on Maitland Showground all at once, it was instantly turned into a giant mud wrestling pit.

Groovin The MudAlthough the rain had stopped, and the sun was shining, you just couldnt escape the mud. Organisers had done their best by spreading woodchip in the really bad ares, but without any drying time the ground didnt stand a chance. Some of the punters took advantage of the abundance of oozing mud, deciding that it was a good idea to start a WWF style mud wresting bonanza. All that was missing were the bikini clad round number girls. Affectionately the festival has been renamed Groovin The Mud, 2008.

Groovin The MudAfter braving the writhing sexed up mud pit that was the King St Hotel Dance Tent to photograph the Potbelleez, I decided to make my way back to the Triple J Main Stage. It was on my way there that I was lucky enough to witness the mayhem you see all round this post. It was a tag team style WWF 2008, no rules, one in all in, scene of chaos. Bodies were being slammed and the recently outlawed manouvre ‘Arse in Face – Smell my Sphincter’ made an appearance as well. No one was spared from the flying mud, and not even the useless security guards could stop the fun, they didnt want to get dirty. The crowd LOVED it!!

Groovin The MudMy camera gear escaped unscathed but only just by a whisker. The poor girl I was standing beside though copped a mud pie to the face, and most of the crowd was sprayed by flying mud. Somehow it managed to miss me. The Photos were worth the risk!! Groovin The Mud will hopefully be a one off even and next year will return to Groovin The Moo with great weather and a dry arena!

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