Groovin The Gumboot

gumboots are the new festival fashion accessory

I was at this years Groovin The Moo in Maitland, NSW, photographing the bands once again. While wandering around between sets it was amazing to see the amount of different and stylish gumboots people were wearing for a festival affectionately renamed – Groovin The Mud.

Painted boots are the perfect festival fashion accesoryFestival fashions have come a long way in recent years, but it also appears it has taken a step back when people have to start accessorising gumboots. I was amazed at the variety and difference in styles that are available these days. When I was a kid, all you could get was the trusty old black gumboot… Not anymore. As with any kind of fashion accessory some people wore them well, others I guess you could say they would have been better off with bear feet. I was an intersting day, and as always the bands were great, the people were awesome and security were just a bunch of arseholes.

For the complete gallery you can find it on my Groovin The Gumboot guest post for I’m With The Band


Long or short, gumboots are the best in the mud at maitlands Groovin The mud


  1. These are some great pics. I didn’t know that there were so many different types of gumboots! I wonder what these people were thinking when you started pointing the camera at their legs and snapping pics….. ! 🙂


    David Webb

  2. Wow, I’m quite sure those painted “groovin the mud” gumboots in the middle are mine! How fantastic.

    I’m glad you got a nice shot of them before they got absolutely destroyed by the mud and the mosh lol.

    They look rather sad now!

    Great day all round…

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