Floodwaters Around Maitland

Belmore Bridge Maitland

Belmore Bridge Maitland

As I write this article all flood warnings for Maitland and the Hunter Valley have been cancelled. Yesterday it was a different story though with the Hunter, Paterson and Williams Rivers all rising fast thanks to the massive drenching we got this week.

Our thoughts go out to all the victims caught up in the Bellingen floods as We escaped by the skin of our teeth, floodwaters lapped at the top of levee banks at some of the lower areas around Maitland.

While I was at work I managed to stop at a few places as I travelled around to get a few pics just to show people how high the waters had risen. Thefollowing photos were taken on the morning of 2nd April, 2009 and the Rivers still rose a little bit more afterwards.

Hinton Bridge
At Hinton where the River usually breaks first, the water was just lapping at the top of the levee bank. It wouldnt have taken much more water upstream to make it go over

Raymond Terrace
At Raymond Terrace where Williams River merges with the Hunter River the Boat ramp and park just inside the levee bank went under overnight.

Dunmore Bridge
The Dunmore Bridge at Woodville has just had repairs begun and all the workers were madly scrambling to get everything to high ground. When I drove past there were a few site sheds that had wet feet. The grass in the foreground is the levee bank that I am standing on, and didnt have too much more to go before it spilled over

Just out of Woodville this lake is usually a grassy low lying area. Whenever it rains everything jsut flows into it and becomes a lake

Paterson River
Taken from the Dungog side of Paterson looking towards the township, the Paterson River had engulfed these river flats and created this very serene lake. You can just see the rail bridge in the distance. It looks perfect as a skiing spot, just watchout for floating trees.

Paterson River
Taken from underneath the Paterson rail bridge

Tucker Park, Paterson
Tucker Park in Paterson, has now become Tucker Lake

Tocal Homestead, Paterson
Looking from the roadside towards historic Tocal Homestead just outside Paterson. Usually there is just a small dam in front of the house that has now become a lake. If the waters spill over from the Paterson River then this lake will rise up quite a bit more.


  1. Damn that’s a lot of water….at least it doesn’t look as bad as the ‘Pasha’ floods, that was chaos.

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