Don’t Screw With WordPress Settings!

Some of you may have noticed that I was off the air for about 5 hours yesterday thanks to me stuffing around with wordpress settings. I highly recommend that if your blog is working fine, then leave it alone!!

How did this happen, well for some reason, ever since I put in a 301 redirect from my root directory to my blog, google has really destroyed my page listing for searches. I guess they didnt like it. I went from page 2 for “how to photograph fireworks” down into the bowels of the search pages. I think about page 18. So I decided that if I have been hurt that bad, then while I am down, I will move the page to the root directory and reset my permalinks and start all over again to build my PR back up. I know it would take time and I would most probably hit the sandbox for a while but I think in the long run it will be worth it. I think it can wait for a while now.

There is an instruction page about how to do the move in the wordpress options area and I thought I was all good, but somewhere along the line I have typed a wrong address, and BOOM, no more wordpress, not even admin login. I had no way to get back in and change my settings back to how they were… nothing. Dont get me wrong here, I am no stranger to changing stuff on the server, nor fixing things if they do break, but I was in serious trouble and nothing I did could fix anything. I knew I was screwed!

So as a last resort I had to contact my hosting company, Dreamhost, support team and get them to restore my page and my SQL Databse, from the last backup they did. After a few mishaps all is now working as it was. Just a word of advice when asking your hosting company to restore for you, make sure that they leave file permissions and ownership as they were when they were backed up, otherwise the restore program defaults ownership to the root. When that happens your PHP cant parse or do anything and you wont have a web page.

Now alot of people across the web have shat on Dreamhost for different reasons but after this I am a fan. The support guys Jeffrey and Jeff, went out of their way to get things right. Alot of emails back and forth and we worked through a few issues together. I know from past experience that most hosting companies tell you to get stuffed when you ask them to restore from backups, but not Dreamhost. Even though my problem arose from my own dumbass mistake, they were quite happy to help me out.

After seeing how good these guys can get you out of a tight situation, I am happy to refer people to sign up to dream hosts awesome packages. As a special you can sign up to Dreamhost for your web hosting and I have organised that if you use the promo code TIMFREEDOMAIN, you will also get a free domain name registration as well as 10% extra bandwidth for your site. Just a way to say thanks to you guys for reading my blog.


The moral of the story though, is to have your own backups that you can restore yourself, I do now!!! Oh yeah and dont screw with settings unless you are sure you typed the address correctly.

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  1. Hahaha! Nice one Tim!!

    Least you know Dreamhost are pretty damn helpful now..

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