101 Photoshop Tips In 5 Minutes

Deke McLelland, the photoshop guru and self confessed geek has put together a hilarious video that anyone who uses photoshop will really enjoy. He gives out 101 photoshop tips and shortcuts in 5 mins set to a theme song while dancing like a monkey with a death wish. Hilarious! Very educational, slightly eccentric but highly […]

Animal Portraits

No doubt about it, dogs are a mans best friend. They love you unconditionally, they’re always happy to see you when you get home and they don’t whinge about what your watching on the TV. But when it comes to animal portraits most dogs look at you like your a vet about to stick a […]

Tutorial – How To Photograph Fireworks

  Fireworks are a universal symbol of celebration. Across every culture in the world, fireworks displays are used to signify some sort of momentus occasion. Whether it be the 4th of July in America, The Queens Birthday long weekend in Australia or New Years Eve everywhere across the globe, the lighting up of the sky with […]

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

As promised I was going to write up a tutorial about how to photograph christmas lights. Unfortunately time is running out and I just couldnt put it together how I wanted so in the interests of great photography I looked over at Strobist and found they had already done a How To Photograph Christmas Lights […]