Storm Clouds

Going to start posting photos that have been sitting in my collection for ages that I havent got around the sharing. Here is some storm clouds brewing off Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Dust Storm Photos

Woke up this morning to what I thought was a brilliant sunrise creating an orange glow around the curtains, but when I opened them I found it was a massive DUST STORM!! It was really bizzare to look at, as the wind is really cold but the only time I have ever seen the sky […]

2007 In Review – Landscape Photos

I have really found a new love for landscapes this year. Time permitting, I really want to step up my collection of landscape photos this year. Hopefully I will be able to get away on some photo missions next year to somewhere further afield than Newcastle. In no particular order some of my faves from […]

Somersby Falls Photo Mission

Went on a day trip photo mission to Somersby Falls on theCentral Coast last weekend with Matt Packer. It is a very picturesque location with so many photo opportunities. The angles are limitless and if you are a little bit adventurous with you equipment can get some really great photos. Overall the photos didnt quite […]