Long Time No Post

After being on an extended break from photography I have managed not to post any articles on here for nearly 6 months now, I havent even picked up my camera. Its been killing me. My reasons?? Well procrastination is a big one!!! But in all honesty, my new job has been flat out and spare […]

Blog Moved

DOH!! The blog address has changed Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have moved the blog to the root directory. The new home page address is now http://www.timchristie.com you just need to drop the /blog. Anyone with links to me it should be quick and painless to update. There might be […]

Don’t Screw With WordPress Settings!

Some of you may have noticed that I was off the air for about 5 hours yesterday thanks to me stuffing around with wordpress settings. I highly recommend that if your blog is working fine, then leave it alone!! How did this happen, well for some reason, ever since I put in a 301 redirect […]

Ipod Ipond – Cruel or What?

A gimmick Ipod accessory called the Ipond has been released much to the dismay of fish lovers and animal activists. The Ipond is a tiny 650ml fish tank with a small speaker built in that you can plug your Ipod into. Unfortunately it is a bit of a hit with shoppers this year with Iponds […]