Merewether Ocean Baths

  Had the day off work today so I got up early this morning for a quick pre dawn shoot. I had planned on going to Nobby’s Beach but Merewether Ocean Baths just looked too good to go past on the way there. This photo is nothing special but I really like the mood of […]

Pasha Bulker Live Webcam

For those of you who cant get enough of the Pasha Bulker you can now watch it live via webcam…….Just sitting there.  The coast watch website has a live webcam setup on Nobbys Beach straight on the stranded ship. Nobbys Beach Live Pasha Bulker Webcam Link The funny thing is they even have highlights of […]

Post Mayhem Calm

I ventured back out with the camera tonight and caught a few sunset shots over at Valentine and Warners bay. They are a stark contrast to the chaos yesterday with a strange serenity that only the people who went through the storms and destruction would really be able to appreciate. Enjoy. Valentine. The sky was really […]

Pasha Bulker Aground On Nobbys Beach

I got up early this morning and went into Newcastle to photograph the 40,000 tonne Pasha Bulker. That thing is huge when you have things around it to give you some perspective. Its very surreal to see our pristine Nobby’s Beach with a massive ship parked in the middle of it. Maybe they need a […]