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Homer SantaDOH!! The blog address has changed

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have moved the blog to the root directory. The new home page address is now you just need to drop the /blog.

Anyone with links to me it should be quick and painless to update. There might be a few 404’s for a little while but it will all get better once Google recrawls my site.

Why have I done this? I had just about all but dropped off Google search so what better time to do it.  The 301 redirect was hurting my stats pretty bad, so I decided it was time to regather everything and start again. New Year, New address.I have some pretty big posts to get out over the next few weeks so everything should be fine.

In the mean time here are links to some of my past posts:

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  1. Top idea Tim, nothing like having your blog straight up on the top domain… Fingers crossed it wont take Google too long to get your site reindexed..

  2. Hey Tim,

    I wanted to help you and tell you that if you are already kinda biting the bullet a little bit here then you might want to also update your permalink structure while you are at it too.

    I have found better results using a permalink structure such as /postname/ or postname.php over using the year/month/day/postname/ setup. Since you are kinda starting over from scratch, you might want to kill two birds with one stone and update the permalink structure too.

  3. Thanks Garry,

    Makes sense to me especially from an SEO point of view. So all done.


  4. good move. i think it’s best to have it on the root. garry is right about the permalink. it was a pain in the ass to fix all of feeds and sponsored link when i made the switch. should have used a plugin. darn it. im such a noob

  5. I wish I was using WordPress….. Blogger is great in some ways, but I really hate not being able to do something like you have done – changing the URLs and stuff. I don’t take too much to blogger’s Year/Month/Day/Postname style of naming things, and it would be great to change this. Maybe one day I’ll change over, but at the moment I’ve got a fairly high PageRank, and don’t want to mess it up in a hurry!

    Hope all of this works out for you!


    David Webb

  6. noob – luckily feedreader looks after my feeds and all the links are easy changed so hasnt been too bad.

    David- WordPress is great for its functionality and customisation. If you have the PR then I wouldnt make the move. Blogger will rank higher I think with google anyway as its their own product and they know how it works inside out which will always help with indexing.

    The moved doesnt seem to have hurt me at all so far. I think it has actually helped in a way as I dont have listings for as well as the /blog anymore. I am guessing that reduces duplicate content which helps lift your stats in googles books. Over the last three days I seem to have had more search hits than ever before.

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  8. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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