Adelaide Random Photos

Adelaide City Lights

I Recently went away with work to Adelaide for two weeks so heres a few random photos from the trip. The photo above is the City lights taken from the Mt Lofty Summit. The Adelaide lights are great to see of a night. They symmetry of the city’s layout is very defined when viewed from above. Everything looks ordered and clean unlike other cities where is is just plain chaos.

Glenelg Wharf

The Glenelg Wharf. Very popular spot for peope to walk. Coming from the east coast it was cool to see a sunset over the ocean.

Glenelg Promenade

Glenelg Promenade silhouetted by sunset. Glenelg is a vibrant clean beachside town. The marina is spectacular complete with it own sailing ship in the lagoon.

Glenelg fun Park

Glenelg Fun Park. It didnt appear to be operating but there is a complete fun park with water slides and rides right on the waterfront.

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  1. Nice. I like the way the railing frames the water especially on the right on the second photo. And the top one is lovely. I might have brightened it just a bit but that might have made the mood suffer too.

  2. Thanks David, I tried brightening it a bit more and the misty clouds over the city made it look a bit muddy. I had planned on going back up there on a clear night but never made it back. Looks like I might have to make another trip to adelaide for a photo mission.

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