Adelaide City Walkabout


On a recent trip to adelaide I went to check out the city. I think Adelaide is a  very clean city, with a simple layout and heaps of open space parklands but as far as cities go it didnt really do much for me. I dont know why that is but the Adelaide Hills appealed to me more. Because everything in the city is so clean I felt like there wasnt that much character to they city itself. Above is the Parklands on the northern side of the city with the Adelaide Convention Centre in the background.


An artpiece along the rivers edge. It reads: “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” This ties in with a fountain and boats all laid out on the water. At night everything is lit up and looks quite spectacular. Unfortunately I didnt get back in at night time to photograph it.

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These geese (I think their geese, not really that great with bird types) just sit around in the park and are quite happy to sit there and have their photo taken.


One of the many statues scattered all around Adelaide City


A winterised tree. The photo doesnt really do it justice as the overcast sky really muted the vibrant tones once captured.

Paddle Boats along the rivers edge waiting to be ridden

Paddle Boats

Under the bridge I was drawn to the patterns created.

Under Bridge

Queen Vic

Victoria R.I. She stands in the city centre watching over everything.

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  1. That goose is a black swan.

  2. Oops my bad, thanks for pointing that out john. I should know the difference between a goose and a swan.

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