2007 In Review – Landscape Photos

I have really found a new love for landscapes this year. Time permitting, I really want to step up my collection of landscape photos this year. Hopefully I will be able to get away on some photo missions next year to somewhere further afield than Newcastle.

In no particular order some of my faves from the year are:

Redhead Beach Shark Tower
Redhead Beach Sharktower




Eleebana silhouette


Blue Lightning
My absolute favourite Lightning Bolt photo (pity about the flyscreen)

Redhead Beach 11/2/07 Cliff
Redhead Beach


Croudace Bay
Croudace Bay




Lake Macquarie Jetty
Warners Bay


Squids Ink Sunset
Belmont Bay – Squid Ink Jetty

Eleebana Panorama

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  1. The Valentine one is my favourite out of what you’ve got here..

    Did you hear, there’s a new version of WordPress out now and it’s a security fix one..

  2. nice blog. nice works

  3. Nice collection of images.
    I have to agree with you that lightning bolt looks great.
    I also liked Croudace Bay, Redhead Beach Sharktower and Carrington.

  4. Tim, this is an excellent collection of photos. You obviously enjoy your landscapes as much as I do.


  5. Thanks Ted,

    Landscapes are something I have really started to get back into after a big absence being a night owl shooting bands for the last three years.

    Glad you enjoyed.

  6. These are great photos, certainly great review of 2007. I really love the lightning shot – how do you get your lightning photos? I recently got one with only a 2 second exposure (which I put on my blog), but it certainly wasn’t as good as this one!



  7. I have seen your lightning shot david. For those who havent heres the link

    For a 2 second exposure that image is a briliiant, lucky strike. I have spent hours chasing storms trying to get shots like that.

    I usually set my camera to manual mode, lowest ISO possible, aperture about f10, and exposures of between 15-30 seconds, focus to infinity, then sit back and wait, continually shooting. Usually out of the 200 frames you might shoot off you will only get about a 10-20% strike rate, and to get one land exactly where you want is a 1 in a million chance. Its a game of patience. You do end up with a lot of black photos.

    Depending on the storm and frequency of strikes, I get plenty of frames with bolts in them but most are really boring looking images. Mostly they just strike up above you, cloud to cloud, so they only light up the sky. The one above is the only frame I have that I consider to be really good. Unfortunately I was shooting through the bedroom window and the flyscreen shows up. All the rest I have are fairly mediocre and wont see the light of day.

    Its storm season in Australia now so I am hanging for some night time storms to roll though again. The finger’s getting a bit itchy talking about it!

  8. Very powerful landscapes. I love the mood in your Carrington shot

  9. Great colors, contrasts, and vistas. What a wonderful collection.

  10. Tim, congratulations on a beautiful collection of landscapes. The compositions, the land, the light, the colors — bravo!

  11. Absolutely beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more of your work this year.

  12. Congrats on your collection… You’re very good at it…


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